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The Advent Dawn is a lawful good organizaton focused on protecting the Horde from those that seek to destroy it, such as the Alliance and the Scourge. We vow to protect the defensless and those without weapons. We seek to aid the powerless and the weak.
We will not repudiate battle on a fair and level field, but neither will we tolerate a one-sided massacre of the weak by the strong.
The Advent Dawn follows the Holy Light's teachings of making the world a better place and making oneself better by helping other people. The Dawn has every member of the Horde's best interests at heart, and they really do their best to help everyone. It is all about making people happy, not to mention the Dawn's practitioners show clear evidence of divine blessing. 

The Advent Dawn has a fairly easy to understand ranking structure. The Grand Templar is the leader of the organization, followed by a council of officers, including Military Commanders and Alchemists, Confessors and others, a group of elite templars, and then the body of members. Templars have no real authority over standard members, but they are highly respected.
The Advent Dawn's headquarters is location is unknown to the public, but they often meet in other smaller spots. They are often kept busy as their focus is on not only on Deathwing, but the Horde cities, and many outposts ... wherever they are needed to take up arms, they go.
The Advent Dawn has several powerful enemies, notable the Scourge and the Alliance.

The Advent Dawn admits members from any Horde race and profession, so long as they are dedicated to protecting the weak and defenseless.

The focus on the Holy Light and the Three Virtues, makes the organization more appealing to those that follow the same path, notably, Priests and Paladins ... though it is not uncommon to see a Magi, Ranger, Scout, or Knight among the ranks.

The recruitment is rather simple, and usually involves a small amount of paperwork, and a meeting with one of the templars, or council members.

Members often have differing strategies in furthering the groups aims. Some fight the undead directly; others support the troops; some study magic or alchemy to combat against their enemies with greater effectivness; some act as scouting troops and guardians.
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